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Building Champions,
On and Off the Field

About Us

Founded in 2008, CF Football Academy (CFFA) emerged as a premier football coaching academy for kids in the UAE. With a steadfast commitment to delivering professional football training, we started our journey by nurturing budding football enthusiasts at the grassroots level.


From humble beginnings, CF Football Academy has experienced remarkable growth over the years. Today, we proudly offer football training across multiple Emirates.


Throughout the past decade, our academy has successfully trained and mentored over 5000+ boys and girls between the ages of 5 to 16 years. Our highly experienced coaches, certified by UEFA/AFC, have played a pivotal role in shaping the skills and character of our trainees. Additionally, our partnership with Soccer Italian Style® Italy, renowned for its best teaching method, has further enriched our training programs.


At CF Football Academy, our mission is to provide a high-quality training program for aspiring soccer players in the UAE. Through our partnership with Soccer Italian Style® and our commitment to self-sustainability, we aim to foster growth and expand our reach to benefit the entire UAE, the Middle East, and India.

Our vision goes beyond the field. We aspire to create a platform that nurtures individuals who exemplify exceptional character both on and off the field. By offering the best-in-class training programs, we aim to empower aspirants to develop and maximize their talents. Furthermore, we consider football as a social responsibility for the holistic development of children and youth.


As a testament to our dedication and success, CF Football Academy is proud to be affiliated with renowned soccer programs worldwide. Our Soccer Italian Style franchise has been voted the best teaching method in 2007 in Vancouver. We have established partnerships in the USA, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, Thailand, UAE, and India. Our program managers themselves are head coaches of Empoli and Fiorentina Serie A clubs, further enhancing the expertise and credibility of our academy.


Join us at CF Football Academy as we continue to make history and shape the future of football in the UAE. Together, we can unlock your potential and embark on an extraordinary football journey.

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CF Football Academy is proud to announce its partnership with SIS® Italy, a renowned global training and development program. This collaboration brings together the expertise of two experienced Italian coaches, Mirko Mazzantini and Simone Bombardieri, who have meticulously crafted a structured program for the development of young football players.


With a deep passion for the sport and extensive coaching experience, Mirko and Simone have infused their knowledge, coaching methodologies, and global best practices into the SIS® Italy program. This program, implemented across our training centers, offers a comprehensive and dynamic approach to football training.


What sets our partnership with SIS® Italy apart is the continuous review and improvement of the program. We actively seek input from our global partners and coaches, ensuring that our training curriculum remains at the forefront of football education. This commitment to excellence enables us to provide our students with the latest techniques, strategies, and skill development methodologies.


Through our partnership with SIS® Italy, we have witnessed remarkable results in our alumni. The professional approach and competency of the football training program make learning football simple, enriching, and, most importantly, fun. Students benefit from a structured curriculum that caters to their individual needs, fosters their love for the game, and unlocks their full potential.

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